From time to time, we bring you art gallery openings & parties, but this is definitely unlike anything we've ever brought you before. From September 1-8, visit R.I.P.N.Y.C. for an entirely new experience:

"R.I.P.N.Y.C. gestures to rip down the opaque veil that institutions such as Chelsea hide behind. We are concerned with the framing of our works in a context that speaks directly to floundering contemporary circumstance. Neither interested in increasing our market value nor bolstering the value of our investors’ collections, we are concerned with making Art that captures the energy of Now.

R.I.P.N.Y.C. features drawings, paintings, videos, photographs, prints, soundmixes, and performances by Andrew Birk, Solyi Suh, and Robert W. DeBois.

R.I.P.N.Y.C. is not a gallery, it is a store that sells artwork following retail-based protocol. The artists will be employed during store hours to answer questions and assist clients. There is no hierarchy between the space, the work, the artists, or the viewers."

R.I.P.N.Y.C. will continue for a week from 12pm-8pm each night, and visitors are also invited to attend the opening party on Sept. 1st, from 8-11 pm with live music by R.I.P.

33 Canal Street
New York, NY
September 1-8

Opening Party
September 1

For more info on R.I.P.N.Y.C., check out their Tumblr or click here.

See you there!

-- Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

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zerry ht said...

This is great! I think that an artist should be able to express his art in his own way and not through someone else’s perspective. I think that is the most important thing about art, it’s crippled with contexts. I just attended an amazing exhibition in a Chicago event space and numerous artists collaborated for the theme “Change”. Really beautiful!

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