We all felt that - a little rumble in our office buildings some mistook for aggressive typing, until some skimmed their Twitter feed and realized ZOMG, WE'RE IN AN EARTHQUAKE!

First reaction: everyone checked into Earthquakepocolypse on Foursquare (17,000+ NYCers strong!)

Second reaction: any earthquake bar specials?

[Loves it! Photo via Gusto1.com]

YES -- to celebrate our wholistic survival (NYC reported 0 deaths, 0 damage, 0 real sensationalism) bars, restaurants and bakerys across the city are latching on to the newscycle and celebrating with #QUAKESPECIALS!

Here's the NYCRD running list, admittedly a ton are from my pals WinedandDined's Twitter feed because no one thinks to tell me. Add your found earthquake specials into the comments, I'll include!:
  • THE DELANCY: 2 for 1 Vodka on Rocks with crushed lime and Cranberry, 9:30pm-11pm
  • BUTTERLANE: Buy-One-Get-One cucapkes, cakepops & Blue Bell ice cream
  • SUSHISAMBA @ Park Ave South: early Happy Hour specials, now through 7pm
  • SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY: 50% off all shaken cocktails at Southern Hospitality until 5pm
  • THIRD AND LONG:$1 Bud/Bud Lights in Murray Hill
  • MACERELLERIA: 2-for-1 Ty-Ku Shochu Martinis all night.
  • HOP DEVIL GRILL: Earthquake Party tonight, $1 tacos
  • : $3 chang beer bottles or $2 Coors Light drafts all night
  • MAIALINO: $5 birre & vini from 5-7:00 pm
  • on Park Ave: $5 caipirinhas and mojitos, $4 oyster sampler, $3 spicy tuna roll, $2 tempura
  • ODPARC: Free Tanoreen Spread
  • DESTINATIONBAR: 1/2 off all drinks until 8
  • ATLANTIC GRILL: $1.50 oysters all day & night, 5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • BLUE FIN: $1.50 oysters all day & night, $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • BLUE WATER GRILL: $1.50 oysters all day & night, $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • OCEAN GRILL: $1.50 oysters all day & night, $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • PRIMEHOUSE NY: $1.50 oysters all day & night, $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • DOS CAMINOS: $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • WILDWOOD BBQ: $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • BILL'S BAR AND BURGER: $5.90 specialty drinks starting @5pm
  • FULL CIRCLE BAR (Williamsburg): $1 off all beers with 5.8 or 5.9 % ABV
  • Wheeler’s Bar (1707 Sheepshead Bay Road): BOGO Bud, Bud Lights and well drinks @ the bar (via Brokelyn!)
  • ACQUA AT PECK SLIP: Free Glass of Prosecco with dinner

HOTEL SPECIAL: If you're stuck in NYC due to the earthquake, GansevoortPark has got you covered with a secret deal. Tweet them!

Email specials to: nycrecessiondiary@gmail.com
Tweet specials: @ricebird @nyc_rec_diary

[Me +my office all tweeting about being in an earthquake, photo via Melanie Kwong]


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Full Circle Bar (fullcirclebar.com) in Williamsburg is giving $1 off all beers with 5.8 or 5.9 % ABV

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