It's food truck mania on NYC Recession Diary!

Today, you'll have the chance to grab some free food AND practice some language skills.
The Living Language food truck will be in front of Random House at 1745 Broadway (55-56 St) from 12:00pm – 5:00pm.
The truck will feature items such as grapefruit sorbet and pastries, all for free. But you do need to "say it right to get a bite". There will be various phrases in Italian, Spanish, German, and French that visitors will be asked to pronounce (correctly) in order to receive their free goodies.

For example, for the Watermelon & mint agua fresca, you will have to say "Agua fresca de sandía y menta (AH-gua FRES-ka day sen-DEE-a ee MEN-ta)".

If you succeed, not only do you get a treat for free, but "Every one who participates... will also be entered into a raffle for free Living Language Platinum product, Fodor’s travel guides to correlating destinations, and gift certificates to some of the most buzzed about and iconic Italian, German, Spanish, and French spots in the city like Eataly, Bierhaus, and restaurants Empellón, and Recette."

Living Language Food Truck
1745 Broadway (55th-56th St.)
12-5 PM

If you'd like to practice the pronunciations in order to avoid embarassment, here they are in all their glory:

Watermelon & mint agua fresca – Agua fresca de sandía y menta
(AH-gua FRES-ka day sen-DEE-a ee MEN-ta)

Grapefruit sorbet – Sorbet au pamplemousse
(sore-BAY oh pahmp-luh-MOOSE)

Sfogliatelle – A many layered pastry

Pretzel with beet-horseradish mayo – Brezel mit rüben meerrettich mayonnaise
(BRET-zel mitt ROO-ben MEHR-re-TIC MY-own-NYE-seh)

Sounds easy enough to me, buena suerte! (I think that means "good luck" in Spanish-let's hope those six years of taking Spanish in school haven't failed me.)

-- Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

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