Feb 24, 2011

Bonobos Sample Sale 2/24 & 2/25

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Bonobos makes amazing pants for men. They run on the expensive side, but the fit is pretty damn perfect. So why am I writing about expensive pants on a Recession blog?

*Oprah voice*
Because they’re having a SAMPLE SAAAAALE!

Most sample sales are an absolute madhouse, and the one they had this summer was no different. But they offered great discounts, and they had free beer! Get there early for the best pickings and plan on a line. Bonobos also sells shirts, blazers, shoes and other apparel.

And if you can't make the sale, they're offering $50 off your first online purchase of $100 or more!

Bonobos Sample Sale
February 24th & 25th 6-10pm
59 w 19th St., Suite 6B

-- D. Kareem, NYCRD Contributor


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