Today's Tasting Table e-newsletter shared info about a local CSA-type company, Winter Sun Farms. In case you're not sure what a CSA is, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture and they aim to provide fresh, local produce to city dwellers like you and I.

What makes Winter Sun Farms super unique and applicable to NYC lifestyle is that they FREEZE the local produce in a way that when you thaw it, it tastes as fresh as it did when it actually was fresh. This solves the problem many CSA-lovers face: how do I eat all this food before it freakin' rots?! Another nice bonus is that the prep works (snipping / dicing) is done.

As a special introduction, Tasting Table orchestrated a three-month Winter share (February, March and April) to their readers for just $96. This breaks down to $32 a month, or about $8 a week. Totally worth it.

Locate your neighborhood drop point and email to sign up.

-Katharine Ricci, NYCRD Executive Editor


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