So you’ve got a little extra cash from gift returns. Here’s some great ways to spend them!

  • The CLEAR 4G wireless internet router for you techies, and the Flaming Bookmark for those of you more traditional readers. And a belly dancing starter kit to get you moving! Click for details.
  • For your kids (inner kids included): educational Nintendo Wii and DS games; Hello Kitty light-up board; the Pippa’s Princess Carriage set; and colorful EZ Socks. Click for details.
  • Check out the V-Tech Internet Radio, SoftLips (in a variety of flavors), the wine handy wine guide Good, Better, Best Wines, and (a personal fave of mine) Biscoff Cookies! Click for details.
  • Awesome concealed weapon-carrying socks from Ozone. They may not be real weapons, but the ninja sitting across the subway doesn’t know that. Click for details.



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