GIFT for the Under-employed Friend or Greedy Co-worker with Time to Kill

Many of us grew up in a working- or middle-class household with parents that were employed with traditional jobs. You know, 40-ish-hour workweek; a few weeks of vacation; full medical/vision/dental insurance. The very thought of being unsure where next month’s income will materialize can be scary, but with our economy recovering from a major recession, many businesses have restructured and freelancers are replacing employees.Blessing or curse - you be the judge.

The Wealthy Freelancer (Alpha Books) is a practical guide that makes being your own boss much less scary. Rather than promising afternoons of leisure and winters in the southern hemisphere, the book outlines the freelance game from square one. With chapters like “Master the Mental Game,” “Price Your Services for Success” and “Construct Your Own Work-Life Reality,” The Wealthy Freelancer is a tool for those considering leaving the corporate fold or for experienced freelancers who want to step up their business. It’s the type of book you’ll look back and reference long after you’ve read it.

Slaunwhite, Savage, and Gandia’s The Wealthy Freelancer is a great gift for a techie/nerd friend, a do-it-yourself-er whose talents could be monetized, or anyone thinking about branching out on their own. It's available in stores for $16.95, on for $11.53 (click below to buy easily), and for Kindle for 9.99. Also, check out their website for additional freelancer resources.

-- D. Kareem, NYCRD Contributer

*A copy of this book was provided free of charge for NYCRD to review.*

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