If you're like me, you aren't exactly welcoming all of this rainy NYC weather. Every day is a bad hair day and the puddles aren't very fun (even with my trusty rainboots). To top all of that, people are getting sick all over the place and all I'm seeing are sad, sneezing people on the subway. I wish I could give them some Kleenex, but I never carry any around with me.

Fortunately, you can give the gift of Kleenex to anyone you'd like, for free! As part of the Kleenex Softness worth Sharing campaign, by just filling out a small form you can send a friend a free pack of Kleenex. With more cold weather around the corner, your friends (and their noses) will thank you.

To send a pack of Kleenex, click here.

--Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor


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