Oct 4, 2010

FRUTOBER: Meet the Official Frutober Five

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The NYCRD call for Frutober participants yielded a wild crop of aspiring Frutobarians. Part scavengers, part hoarders and 100% savers, these are your Frutober Five:

[Katharine says: I'm baaaaack]

Katharine, NYCRD Executive Editor, created Frutober last year as a personal experiment to see how much cash she could save by being extremely frugal. Since it was so successful, she’s back for her second year in a row and can’t wait to experience the pain and reward all over again. She plans to use the money she saves towards Christmas presents, because re-gifting swag bag items isn’t really that cool.

[Kelvin says: Don't over eat, over travel]

While international travel and too much wine rank high on Kelvin's list of priorities, he digs having money in the bank (2-digit plus) just like everyone else. Following sites like NYCRD helps him enjoy the city on a budget, and Frutober was a great chance to take things up a notch. Any money saved will probably go towards his trip to Shanghai and new chew toys for his friend's puppies.

[Cindie says: I will not be a broke bridesmaid]

Cindie is a 23 year old Brooklynite, vegetarian, full-time higher education professional and part time graduate student. This Frutober includes her first foray into being a bridesmaid, and that event alone has been enough to make her bank accounts call for mutiny. She's trying to save on everything else so that being a bridesmaid doesn't cost her an arm or a leg (that wouldn't look good in the wedding photos!). Her money saved will probably go right to next semester's tuition and some fabulous clothes to wear to class.

[Katie says: I will conquer you, Sallie Mae]

Katie is a filmmaker based in Brooklyn who currently works at a small production house in Manhattan. Her Frutober goal is to start saving enough to be able to pay off her dear friend Sallie Mae while also scrounging up some funds for her next short film project. She’s also interested in seeing what she can (and absolutely cannot) live without. Her biggest challenge will be trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and appropriate eating plan while on such a scrappy budget.

[Justin says: If you're not eating that, I will]

Justin, a publicist, knows all too well about the cost of living, playing, and working in NYC. With a penchant for three course meals and useless items of clothing, he hopes that his former love for 'food you usually take camping' will help him with this struggle. He also hopes that he will be able to save a dime (or forty) and get rid of that credit card balance.

Stay tuned for their weekly blog posts as they take you through their month-long money saving adventures! WILL THEY SURVIVE??!

Perhaps you will feel inspired yourself to see how well you can live on less, especially in this city. Read about Frutober here.

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