Still not sure about what to dress up as for Halloween? Here's a list of ideas that may be fun for Hallow's Eve. I've scoured online costume sites and here are some that I think are worthy of wearing:

-Box of Cereal
-Hot Dog
-Loaf of Bread

Noticed a recurring theme yet? I promise to you there is a method to my madness, because on October 31st, Halloween, if you go to Chipotle after 6 pm dressed like a processed food, you can buy a burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos for only $2!

Chipotle is great because they strive to use sustainable, deliciously fresh and local ingredients while staying away from processed foods. The $2 burrito deal is part of Boorito 2010 (cute), a partnership between Chipotle and Chef Jamie Oliver, who recently had a show titled "Food Revolution", to expose the horrors of processed food. If you decide to dress up, take a picture once you're at Chipotle and upload it here to enter their costume contest. The winner gets $2500, five runners up get $1000 each, and 25 runners up get a burrito party for 20 guests!

I'd do almost anything for food, and this sounds like it could be fun. For food costume ideas (remember it must be processed food), click here and here for some inspiration. Happy Halloween!

--Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

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