Given its deep content and quick pace, The Smell of Popcorn/El Olor de Popcorn is not a fluffly run-of-the-mill production; Popcorn is an intimate session between the audience and two main characters with thought-provoking and funny moments. Fabiola (Luciana Faulhaber) is a drama student in college rehearsing at home for Othello. She plays Desdemona and struggles with the female character's selflessness. (Ladies, you'll love what she has to say about Shakespeare's women and relationships-- hilarious.) After a long day, she hits the sack and is shockingly awakened by a male intruder (Javier E. Gomez) looking for loot and something more.

[Fabiola (Faulhaber) and the intruder (Gomez) in a riveting scene from The Smell of Popcorn]

What follows is an unpredictable exchange of words and stories between the two. The audience gets to explore the context in which a crime occurs while the characters give plenty of dynamic and depth of character to the damsel-in-distress and male intruder.

Fabiola gives a particularly-heart wrenching, teary-eyed performance!

Do note that this play is inspired by a true incident in Puerto Rico, and that it is a Latino production. Spanish subtitles play on a screen above the live production. In other words, go support independent productions and diversity in the arts!

September 8 - 19
IATI and World Players, Inc. present The Smell of Popcorn

Thurs-Sat 8PM, Sun. 3PM
Tickets are $18 or 866-811-4111
Click HERE for $15 tickets with the code: KAMPFIRE

--Jasmine Senaveratna, NYCRD Contributor

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