If there are two things that I really really like, they're makeup and money.

I usually end up spending money on makeup, but the tables could soon turn and makeup can make me money. I've always kind of known about Avon and the option to become an Avon representative, but the opportunity has never seemed more appealing. I'm a nearly broke college student, and any extra money is incredibly appreciated. Hence, becoming an Avon representative would be perfect.

For anyone that is interested in making some money on the side, Avon is ideal. It is such a trusted brand with quality products, and being your own boss can be incredibly rewarding. You'll get to choose your own hours, enjoy special services and discounts and get the opportunity to grow within the company. Selling Avon products is a simple way to get paid while doing something enjoyable; a rarity in today's job market. You can even do it on the side to compliment your typical 9-5.

There are five million Avon representatives worldwide and joining those millions could be an amazing business opportunity. Running a small side business and getting paid while still attending school seems like a great way to manage extra time.

For all the information on how to get started and what to expect from Avon, click here. If anything, sign up for more info - no commitment is necessary!

--Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

*This is an NYCRD Social Circle post. We love our advertisers! All opinions are our own.

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