I'm not a dessert person, but I'm a sucker for a delcious cream puff. I bought today's NYC Groupon as a special treat to take to one of my many Holiday Parties in Decemeber (yes, I plan ahead). $5 gets you $10 worth of goodies from Bear Papa's!

To buy yours, click here.

From Today's Groupon:

Poetry would be composed entirely of haikus and sonnets dedicated to desserts and pastries if poets didn't devour their idyllic subjects before having a chance to write. Today's Groupon says what meter and rhythm cannot: for $5, you get $10 worth of cream puffs, ice cream, cakes, and more at Beard Papa's, located on the Upper West Side.

A globally recognized sweet shop, Beard Papa's converts traditional desserts into decadent, fresh-baked, hand-labored lovables. Its all-natural cream puffs ($1.75 each) exhibit a complex, crispy outer choux pastry packed with mouth-melting, fluffy whip-cream flavor derived from imported vanilla beans and hours of diligent daydreaming. Available in classic cream and hybrid chocolate, strawberry, espresso, or tea flavors, Beard Papa's cream puffs pluck and pair well with any warm autumn beverage or apathetic frenemy. Outside the realm of spherical sweetness, the shop also puts out single-serving fondant au chocolate engorged with gooey Belgian chocolate ($2.25), a variety of wheel-shaped Paris Brest ($2.25), and mochi ice cream balls—a Japanese confection made up of pounded sticky rice and ice-cream filling ($1.65). Celebrate another year where the moon hasn't accidentally rear-ended the earth with the cream puffs of Beard Papa's.

--Katharine Ricci, NYCRD Executive Editor

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