If you work or live in Midtown, pay attention: you can get a free 7-Day VIP Membership at Gold's Gym, no obligations!

While Gold's might be known as a "meat head" gym, I dare you to think differently and find out for yourself. After all, they have tons of free group exercise classes:
  • Pilates
  • Step Aerobics
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Core Strength
  • Kid Fit
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Zumba

If you take advanatage of their free 7 day VIP membership offer, you have no obligation to join. Test out the gym and see if it's the right fit for you!

Anyone want to go work out with us?

Gold's Gym
Manhattan - Midtown
West 54th Street New York, NY 10019

*This is a NYCRD Social Circle post. Our sponsors rock!


Like Reading said...

I and my friend Khorn Dara will research about your recommend group. I wonder whether they have adjustable dumbbells. It's new and it'll bring new experience while exercising.

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