Sep 7, 2010

CASTING CALL: IT Girls - apply now

Posted by Samantha Chin |

I hate to admit it, but I basically love EVERY reality competition that's on TV...Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, even RuPaul's Drag Race, the list goes on. I might possibly enjoy this upcoming one, because I also love peering into the lives of the rich and famous.

A major TV network is casting for a new reality competition show, for all "It Girls" out there. If some of these apply to you, you could be the next Kardashian or Lohan type to grace our television screens:

-You’re out every night and there’s not a club you can’t get into
-You’ve got the fabulous lifestyle (clothes, car) that demands to be noticed
-You are not shy about saying what you feel—and if people don’t like it, tough!
-Every charity wants you at their event
-You have high standards that must be met
-People aspire to be you and you know it!

So if this sounds like you, sign up quick because millions of people are waiting to fantasize about (or sympathize with) your life.

--Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

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