The overlooked perfect date spot is the Manhattan cruise. In particular, the cruise from World Yacht.

Since my boyfriend was MIA the evening I was invited aboard the Duchess, I took a friend with me to enjoy and relish the experience. While she quickly realized riding a boat makes her sick, I instantly fell in love.

[hanging off the duchess]

We were seated near the window and were brought a menu and drink list. I thought the alcohol selection was perfect for a special night out - the wine list ranged from $32 (Bohemian Pinot Griogio) to $75 (B.V. Carnevos Pinot Nior Napa Valley 2005) and some of their more interesting cocktails include the World Yacht Vodkarita and Sweet Heart Fragoli, $12 each.

[the boat we road, duchess]

We chose not to order any drinks, as we were content with the complimentary champagne they served us with dinner. It was fresh, crisp, bubbly and tasted expensive, so if it was cheap they had me fooled.

After our starter, which was the cheese plate, the sun finally went down and the city lit up.

[say cheese]

For my appetizer I chose their watermelon and feta salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, which was a unique new twist for me. For my entrée I enjoyed their tender and juicy steak, cooked exactly how I asked (medium rare, thank you). I especially loved the horseradish potatoes – they didn’t need gravy, salt or butter because the flavor was so rich.

[the ingenious watermelon and feta salad]

[my angus steak dinner with the delish potatoes]

When we passed the Statue of Liberty, they played “Proud to be an American,” which was awesome mostly because my friend is Indian and she didn’t know what was going on. But in all seriousness, the Statue of Liberty is gorgeous lit up at night, and I almost trampled people as I rushed outside to take pictures before it was too late.

[lady liberty in all her glory]

Dressing up to go out on a date is a lost art these days, but not at World Yacht. Gentlemen, remember to throw on a blazer and ladies, get out that perky dress you’ve always wanted to wear, because most people will be decked to the nines and a few people will be reliving their 80’s prom.

[some of the NYC bridges lit up]

World Yacht strongly believes in dancing, which was embodied by their linoleum dance floor and live DJ in the middle of the boat. I definitely felt like I was crashing someone’s wedding by the end of the night as I watched a semi-awkward young man make his way to the middle of the dancing crowd, cheered on by a few cougars. I think this part of people watching made my dessert, raspberry cheesecake, taste a little bit sweeter.

[some of the Manhattan skyline]

A cute perk includes the option to buy a photo of you and your date (or birthday party) they snap before you board, which they later show you in a nice package. If I had been on a hot date with my boyfriend, I might have actually bought it.

The cruise lasts around three hours, so don’t make this your first date. Instead, save this for someone really special, because there’s nothing quite like eating dinner aboard a beautiful boat, watching the sun set over Manhattan and staring at Lady Liberty in her full glory on a boat deck in the arms of someone you love.

[the beautiful sunset with a small boat speeding by]

Click here to purchase tickets for a dinner or brunch cruise on World Yacht. Prices ranges from about $40 - $115 per person.

You can follow World Yacht on Twitter, where they occasionally tweet specials, deals and promos! Currently, World Yacht is batting up – once they achieve 600 followers on Twitter (@worldyacht) they will be giving away two tickets to a September 6 Yankees game to their followers.

--Katharine Ricci, NYCRD Executive Editor

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