UPDATE: Weekly Cinema has changed their subscription services - you now get 3 tickets a month for just $15.99!

As you all know, NYC movie ticket prices are RIDICULOUS. Ordering a ticket is approximately $13.00 at Fandango or Movietickets.com. So how would you like to get 2 tickets a month (plus one ticket free for signing up!) for a little more than the cost of one? For just $12.99 a month at Weekly Cinema you get TWO MOVIE TICKETS A MONTH PLUS ONE FREE for signing up.

Weekly Cinema

The tickets come in form of $14 credits to use at Fandago.com, which means you can use it anywhere Fandago or Movietickets.com sells tickets (NYC and beyond). So you get four tickets for just $15.99, which should cost you $55.00. After the first month, you get 3 tickets a month for $15.99 (worth $42). The credits are good for three months.

BONUS #1: You instantly get one free movie ticket after signing up. This is the free trial period. (At the start of the next month your other two codes will be available and your card will be charged the $15.99.)
BONUS #2: If you have other movie lovers in your life, pass this on and if they sign up, you will get TWO MORE FREE MOVIE TICKETS.
BONUS #3: The codes are shareable, so you can give them to friends!

Once you get your ticket codes, they are valid for three months. You will get charged after your free trial period ends. During your free trial, we will do a pre-authorization hold on your card for the amount of your first month. This will only turn into an actual charge if you decide to start using their service after the free trial. You can cancel anytime, without a cancellation fee.

So sign up for Weekly Cinema and NYCRD will see you at the movies (since we signed up)!

*This is a NYCRD Social Circle post. Our advertisers rock!


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for covering WeeklyCinema.com. It sounds like you described our service perfectly. 2 things that your readers should know is that you get one FREE ticket for a referral and we do not have the 2 ticket plan anymore (just 3-6 ticket plans). Thanks again for the publicity.


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