Starbucks is giving away free "business cards" along with a BOGO coupon for a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee.

With the business cards, you get to choose a style and then pick a title that matches your "job":

  • CEO of Everything
  • Global Communications Officer, So Listen Up
  • Bossman
  • Bosslady
  • President of Presidents
  • Purse String Holder
  • The One in Charge
  • That Guy
  • Center of the Universe
  • Envy Inducer
  • Puppet Master

So as you can see, the Starbucks free business cards are not what you'd expect - they're more like a practical joke. They are shipping them for free, but if you like wasting your own ink and paper you can choose to print them at home.

Click here for your free Starbucks Business Cards and bogo (buy one get one free) Starbucks Doubleshot coupon. It's not clear how many cards you'll get, but you can expect them in the mail in a couple weeks.

I personally like Center of the Universe. That card will go over really well at networking events, don't you think?

--Katharine Ricci, NYCRD Executive Editor

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