As you get older, sometimes it gets harder to think of thoughtful, touching gifts to give to say your Mom or Grandma. After a certain age, a bouquet of pipe-cleaner flowers and a macaroni picture frame just doesn't cut it. Thankfully, Silver Jewelry Club is like a gift in itself, because they're literally giving away jewelry for free.

The site offers sterling silver jewelry with genuine gemstones, and you only have to pay a shipping and handling fee of $6.99. I understand this may sound like a horrible infomercial, but it's legit and here's how it works:

You go to the website where you'll find four different jewelry items, which can be anything from earrings to a necklace. There is a ticking time stamp under the picture, and once the time is up, a new free piece of jewelry comes up. If you like what you see, you can click to receive the jewelry of your choice and all you have to do is pay for the shipping & handling!

While browsing, I saw a ring that retails for $69.99, so the amount of money you're saving is really apparent. This is absolutely the perfect gift idea for Mom or Grandma, or better yet, yourself. I'm totally tempted to reward myself with a little bling, I mean, why not?

-- Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

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