I think this is a great discount on "stripper" classes... get out the stillettos!

Admit it: Ever since you saw Jamie Lee Curtis do an on-the-fly striptease in True Lies, you knew exactly what it meant to embody pure sexiness. (We're sorry, but the routine is just too hot to hyperlink.) You might not have those kinds of moves, but luckily today's deal will get you there. Pay $18 and get two 70-minute striptease lessons from StripXpertease in Midtown -- a $40 value... though the poetry on their homepage is free. Your first class, Stripper Strength, will show you the fitness benefits of working the hottest floor and chair moves (the quickest way to True Lies thighs). Things heat up in your second Teaser class by showing you how to undress in a way that doesn't scream "the-doctor-will-see-you-now." Try a class with the gals or get some tips to let loose for someone else -- all at over 50% off.

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