Aug 24, 2010

FringeNYC: Affordable Theater through 8/29

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FringeNYC is a multi-arts festival that showcases hundreds of plays and performance-art pieces throughout the city. The festival is on right now and runs through 8/29.

Tickets are $15.00 for most shows, $10 for FringeJR kids shows (with free cast meet-and-greets) and $5 for FringeHIGH shows for young adults (limited availability).

Fringe NYC’s website allows users to search categories like comedy, musical and Vaudeville/sideshow among several others. And each show listing has a link to 8coupons deals in the vicinity. It’s deals all day at FringeNYC!

Here are a few titles that caught my eye:

23 Feet in 12 Minutes: The Death and Rebirth of New Orleans
On the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, meet six real-life New Orleans characters whose lives were irrevocably changed by the storm. Their raw, poignant, compelling stories are based on interviews conducted with over 60 Katrina survivors and New Orleans transplants.
A look at a story that still affects residents today.
Friends of Dorothy: An Oz Cabaret
Pasties, and glitter, and drag, Oh My! Follow Dorothy to the fantastical Land of Bras where she encounters the fierce and fabulous Wicked Bitch of the West and some colorful new friends in this extravaganza of striptease, aerial, magic, and visual delight.
Who doesn’t love a "colorful" twist on the Wizard of Oz!
Hamlet Shut Up
Classic tragedy. Silent comedy. Shakespeare's masterpiece, without all that pesky dialogue. Award-winning production from Los Angeles-based Sacred Fools features vaudeville, puppetry, live original piano score, and a shark. Holy shhhhh!
I suggest finding a theater-snob date and telling him you’re taking him to "a modern twist on Shakespeare." In the spirit of the show, keep mum about the silent part and wait for his reaction.

1 E 8th St.
Open noon-8pm every day

-- D. Kareem, NYCRD Contributor

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