Jul 13, 2010

KGB DEALS: $4 Movie Tickets

Posted by nyc editor |

Hey y'all - re-running this since it's a great deal and is still active!

When a typical movie excursion for two can easily run over $40 between tickets and food, this deal is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Purchase AMC Movie tickets for $4.00 (up to $12.50 value) from KGB Deals by clicking here!

...and save money on refreshments by hitting up Duane Reade on the corner and hiding your soda and candy in a purse. Yeah, I said it. Forget fountain soda - that bottle is just fine.

*Good at any AMC®, Loews®, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson, and Star theatres, excluding Canadian theatres. Purchase limited to people who live in NYC!



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