It's rare that bras and ice cream are ever mentioned in the same breath, but somehow they came together in sweet harmony at The Perfect Cup, brought to us by Skinny Cow this past Saturday afternoon. They had me at ice cream cups.

[envelope contents]

After registering with the staff up front, everyone received neat little envelopes containing raffle tickets, drink tickets, and some information about the event itself.

But one of the real selling points of the event was that every woman in attendance got a free, personal bra fitting with bra specialists from Olga and Warner all ending with a mail-in form for a FREE bra!

[hall of bras]

The waiting for our bra fit was offset by the nice lounge area, complete with a "Hall of Bras."

After waiting for a few minutes and a friendly fitting with a very nice lady, I proceeded to the main "Skinny Lounge" where cocktails and ice cream awaited me.

[Me getting drinks!]

There were two drink tickets in each envelope, and at the bar area there was a choice of either a yummy champagne cocktail or sparkling water. Um, cocktail please.

[table o food]

Since the event was thrown by Skinny Cow Ice Cream, I guess it made sense to have a small snack bar with healthy fare, including fruits and veggies.

[Veronica talking to the crowd]

The snack bar may have also been there because there was a supermodel in attendance. Veronica Webb, model and TV personality, came out every twenty minutes or so to pick out some raffle winners who won makeovers.

I felt a little guilty watching her up on stage as I was scarfing down my own ice cream cup, but the deliciousness soothed all my pain.

[choosing ice cream!]

And now, what I had been waiting for all afternoon. There were two Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars, where attendees could choose from ice cream cups of five different flavors. I chose Cookies 'n' Cream, which never disappoints. Better yet, each cup only has 150 calories :)

[gift bag contents]

Alas, the afternoon came to an end once my drink tickets were gone and my tummy was bulging. Upon exiting, everyone received a fun Skinny Cow tote bag filled with an iPod skin, coupons for more ice cream, Borghese body cream, and a delicates bag- perfect for a brand new, FREE bra.

--Samantha Chin, NYCRD Contributor

*The Skinny Cow is a client of Katharine's pr agency

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