If you caught wind of the seemingly fabulous Hollywood Tans free tans promo for July 3, forgeddaboutit. I just called down 3 locations and after getting three NO's and a faulty sounding promise of a two-for-one in Chelsea, I'd say try your luck in the real sun.

Sorry, New York.

--Katharine Ricci, NYCRD Executive Editor

Hollywood Tans Chelsea‎
Between 24th & 25th, 750 6th Avenue, New York, NY‎ - (212) 206-1101‎
*NO. Will do buy one get one tans, however.

Hollywood Tans
1318 2nd Avenue, New York, NY‎ - (212) 744-7020‎

Hollywood Tans‎
1875 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (718) 234-8180‎


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