Giant Step, a music and lifestyle-based marketing company is my new best friend. After attending the stellar Nas and Damien Marley CD release show on Monday night, which I won tickets to thanks to following @giantstep on Twitter, they hosted the official album release party for Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid, which hit stores the same day, last night.

[Janelle singing at the event.]

After braving the line for nearly 2 hours in the rain in a tuxedo-inspired outfit, watching cold and wet fans one by one fall victim to the weather and the excessive wait, it was well worth every second of waiting outside. But as Monae says in her hit song "Tightrope," you can rock or you can leave!

The house was packed with tux-ed out fans ready to dance or die. Although I would have rather bought tickets to this event and not waited in that line, it was cool to celebrate Ms. Monae's special "Imagination Day," and for those who aren't as familiar with her music, to get a taste of it for free.

But it didn't end when Janelle was done performing: the party raged on with a dance party, which involved dance offs, the electric slide, and of course, the tightrope dance.

[Katherine with a Janelle cutout. Dance!]

So check out Giant Step on their website at for more cool future events. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter at @Kweenofleon.

--Katherine Epstein, NYCRD music contributor

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