Free whiskey, free ice cream and free music. Is this heaven…or an event at Bowery Ballroom?

The answer is both. We had the pleasure of attending a promotional event for Ben and Jerry’s newest delicious ice cream flavor, Bonnaroo Buss. The forces of tasty treats and tasty music combined into one beautiful evening.


Thanks to Twitter, we won 2 free tickets to this Tennessee meets VT extravaganza. From 7-9 the bar was open; there was a girl manning a table dedicated solely to Jack Daniels; and there were coolers and coolers full of Bonnaroo Buzz, a light coffee and malt flavored ice cream with whiskey caramel swirls and English toffee piece. Sorry, should have warned you to prepare you salivary glands.

[Me getting my ice cream and drink on!]

Come 9 pm the band took that stage; an LA based Spanish-funk-hip-hop band with a cult following called Ozomatli. Maybe it was the whiskey, but from the way the everyone was dancing you would never suspect the whole crowd most likely hiding a lil’ dairy bloat. For the grand finale, the entire band picked up their instruments and took the show to the floor. The crowd gathered around them as the drummers, horns, and singer went wild.

Only one word can describe what happened on that fateful April night at the Bowery: success.

-Nora Devin, NYCRD contributor

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