May 7, 2010

PLAY REVIEW: Macbeth at the Frog and Peach Theatre

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Alan and I had the delightful chance to review MACBETH, which NYCRD hosted a giveaway for last month. The show closes on Sunday, so buy your tickets now!

Macbeth: A Review, by Alan Danzis

A few weeks ago, Katharine and I saw Macbeth, in a church on the West End, put on by the Frog & Peach Theatre Company.

It took me awhile to write this review, because I was quite torn when I thought back on the play. When I think back, the FIRST thing I remember: the nudity.

No seriously. After they kill Duncan, we see Macbeth and then later Lady Macbeth nude. While it makes sense in the moment (it makes it easier to clean up afterwards!) it was a little jarring and did take us out of the moment.

And I think that was my overwhelming reaction to the play—I got into it a lot, but then always some directorial detail or misstep by an actor would take me out of the moment.

I studied Shakespeare a little in college, so I’m used to the language. But I found only about two thirds of the cast knew how to deliver it in a way that “modern” audiences could really understand. Some of them—in particular, the actress who played Lady Macbeth—really knew how to inflect their voices in such a way that you really understood what they were saying.

The monologues the cast were sometimes portray directly to members of the audience in the first row was also a bit jarring, as it only happened a few times, and felt out of place with the way the rest of the play worked. I was also surprised they didn’t cut more of the play—the second act was definitely longer than it needed to be. (In fairness, they may have cut some stuff. I just don’t know the play THAT well to know if they did or not.)

Katharine and I definitely had a good time, and for the most part, thought it was a good production. If you're interested in purchasing tickets to see the play today, tomorrow or Sunday, click here.

I pretty much agree with Alan's write up. I just would like to add that I thought all the women in the show were extraordinary, which would be Lady Macbeth and the three witches (one of whom reminds me of a past boss, heh heh). We also ran into the cast across the street at the bar The Parlour, so if you want to meet them after the show, try your luck!

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