I've been a faithful weekly reader of Time Out New York since I first moved to the city, but I recently added the slightly more sophisticated New York Magazine to my reading repertoire thanks to a great deal I found on surplusmags.com: a 3 year subscription for 15 cents an issue.

For a mere $14.99 your mailbox will see weekly action for a year! Enjoy thought-provoking articles about happenings in The Big Apple, movie and theater reviews and hints as to where you should make reservations when the 'rents come to town. If you tack on an additional $5.99, you get two years. For an additional $11.80, you get three full years of fabulous subway reading! This equates to 15 cents an issue.

Considering the going rate for one-year of this publication starts at around $25, this is one of the best deals I've seen in a while.
--Yael Maxwell, NYCRD contributor

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