I just love the NYCRD resident lawyer, Melody. She tells it like it is. I present to you, Melody's view on what's going on in NYC, straight from Gchat:

Melody: Why is the cute boozer/lawyer/writer having a launch party TODAY and in Brooklyn??? Grrr! But maybe you can do an update to NYRD if you don't have this listed for the Brooklyn-bound. Geez he's cute!!! http://www.powerhousearena.com/newsletters/100519/
*I got the notice on this awhile back, but forgot to post! Melody, thanks for the reminder! and oh my, he is quite cute...

Melody: Oh, and Part 2...Vevue Clicquot's Polo Classic is at Governors Island on June 27th. VIP tickets are $250+ a pop, but the hoi polloi can sit in the bleachers for free, and try to party crash! http://experience.veuve-clicquot.com/us/polo/
*If anyone does this, send me pics!

Melody: Part 3: if one wants to hit up more free events @ GI from the "insider" side. They have a volunteer orientation on May 25. http://www.govisland.com/Get_Involved/default.asp#volunteer
*Volunteering is good for the soul. And if you do it on Governors Island, you can get a tan.


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