American Apparel is a company that prides itself on trashy innovative ways to promote their clothing. This time they're using a tried and true method: free shiz.

In the true spirit of innovation, I have compiled a list that covers several possible things you can do involving a complimentary undergarment.

Things to do with a free American Apparel thong:

  • Ball it up and use it to plug up some kind of leaking hole
  • A makeshift slingshot (in case you need to ward off any enemies)
  • If you're injured and bleeding to death, use it to tie up your wound and stop the bleeding
  • Tie up the straps into a nifty little bow and attach to a headband, a la Gossip Girl
  • If you can't think of a Halloween costume, put it over your head as a mask and add a cape (minimal I know, but it'll do)
  • Put it around your neck as a necklace and if people ask, tell them it's a hot new trend
  • Three words: instant hair scrunchie
If this list isn't satisfying enough, make your own list after spending a few days with your own free American Apparel thong by first clicking here, then signing up for the newsletter and waiting a few weeks. Fabulous.

--Samantha Chin, NYCRD contributor


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