The website 1iota is an awesome website to get tickets to free events. Although most of their events are in LA, lately the website has been posting some killer events in the city. In the last month, I got front row seats to a taping of CBS’s The Marriage Ref, which had guests Jerry Seinfeld and Gwyneth Paltrow, and attended the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall.

But now with free summer concerts in full swing, you can get tickets to the CBS Early Morning Show tapings. Right now, tickets are available for the Backstreet Boys on May 24, Ben Harper on June 2 and Christina Aguilera on June 9. Although the dates tickets haven’t been released on the site, future performances from Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Katy Perry are listed.

It is recommended that even if you get confirmed tickets from to get there early. It’s always better to wait in line than not get in! Remember, you aren’t paying for it, so what do you have to lose. But at least the CBS Early Morning Show goes through 1iota; it's so much better than waiting in line at 4am for the Today Show concerts.

Get tickets at I’ll see you at Ben Harper!

--Katherine Epstein, NYCRD contributor

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