While we're all waiting for Obama's new healthcare plan to kick in, Jeff Halevy of Halevy Fitness has created a free fitness event series called GETfit. Every GETfit attendee is invited to sign up for five FREE training sessions or nutrition consultations (worth at least $500). GETfit is the live extension of Halevy's website, Fitter With, which gives everyone free, instant access to diet and fitness info, including live-chat with experts.

The next free GETfit event will be held:
Sunday April 18
12-5 PM
at the Adidas Sport Performance Store at Broadway & Houston

This event will feature TRX, the Vitamin Shoppe, Energy Kitchen, Smart Water, Joy Bauer, Flywheel Sports, and Skinny in the City founder Tanya Zuckerbrot.

Now there's no excuse for being out of shape!

--Megan Branch, NYCRD blogger

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