Another fabulous event this evening! Go hang out with models, save butterflies :)

Project Monarch
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Milk Gallery
450 W.15th Street @ the corner of 10th Ave.
New York, NY

Come and enjoy the natural wonder and ephemeral beauty of the monarch butterfly ritual and its imminent demise in this wonderful exhibitions of photographs by Mexican fashion photographer Guillermo De Zamacona. The aim is to raise awareness of the dangers the Monarchs face with the increasing deforestation of their habitat.

Please join us at Milk Gallery on April 21, 2010 7-10PM

ABOUT THE PROJECTEvery year many millions of Monarch butterflies travel from Canada to the forests North West of Mexico City, in the areas near the borders of the States of Mexico and of Michoacan, to escape the unforgiving winters.

This amazing spectacle happens only there, and although during their journey the butterflies do stop in certain places in the U.S. (the Monarch butterfly is the animal of the State of Texas for instance), it is only South of the border were they converge in such massive numbers. Tourists descend by the thousands to behold this natural wonder.

But this natural wonder is in jeopardy. In the 2007-2008 period, these forests lost over 640 acres. According to the WWF(World Wildlife Fund), the deforestation increased by 6.5% in that year alone, killing 250 million butterflies as a result. There is no end in sight to this practice.

The ephemeral beauty of the monarch’s ritual, and its imminent demise was the genesis for PROJECT MONARCH. Fashion photographer Guillermo de Zamacona developed the idea of an exhibition consisting of arresting images faithful to his artistic origins, which could also serve to raise awareness of the dangers that Monarchs face. While on location shooting, another purpose arose: discovering that the people who live at the foot of the mountain, Sierra Chincua live in deplorable conditions: they have no electricity, no running water, and have almost no income the 8 months of the year that the butterflies aren't there, as they live off of tourism. A portion of any sales will be used to provide them with solar powered energy and teach them how to make the water they have access to safe to drink.

This project has many volunteers and benefactors: the Governments of the States of Mexico and of Michoacan are sponsoring the exhibition, as well as Eugenio Lopez, the largest contemporary art collector in Latin America. Subjects include supermodel Heidi Mount (IMG) and R.J. (Wilhelmina), Felix Cane, World Pole Dancing Champion; she is also now at Cirque du Soleil's adult show Zumanity in Las Vegas.

The casting was done by Jennifer Venditti. Production by Richard Villani

The show is opening at Milk Gallery in the Spring of 2010 and later on in the year in Mexico City. The text for the vestibular wall will be penned by Dale Peck.


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