Are you:

A) New to NYC and need some new friends
B) The person left behind because all your friends have moved away
C) A social butterfly who loves meeting new people, especially when you can pelt them with a ball

If so, fantastic. I have the perfect thing for you.


Party Dodge Ball is offering NYCRD readers an exclusive deal! Sign up before April 27, and you get $15 off registration. So instead of paying $75, it just costs you $60! So you get:
  • Two games of dodgeball every Thursday from April 29-June 10 (six weeks of regular season and a 1-week playoff tournament)
  • Team t-shirt
  • Access to killer bar specials! (The entire league goes to one bar after each game)

Other popular city sports league can cost twice as much (Hi ZogSports, I'm looking at you!)

DISCOUNT CODE: recessiondiary

Trust me - this is a fabulous way to make new friends in New York City.

The deadline to sign up is next Tuesday, April 27.

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