Apr 9, 2010

One Cent ATT Phones at Amazon.com

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From Alan Danzis, tech whiz kid extraordinaire:

In the market for a new cell phone and you’ve already decided to go to AT&T for service? You should check out Amazon’s new deal: they’re selling every AT&T phone they carry for 1 cent (with a 2 year contract). iPhone not included folks.

Seriously, if you need a new phone, you should check out this deal. Gizmodo has a list of all comparable phones. If Katharine didn’t use Verizon Wireless, I’d suggest she check it out, since she’s always misplacing her phone…

Deal expires April 16, next Friday.

Oh, I almost forgot, you can also buy the new Nokia Nuron phone from Amazon as well for one cent—and that deal isn’t expiring any time soon. It runs on T-Mobile, it’s a touch screen smart phone, and it offers a optional (so not mandatory) $10 data plan.

Full disclosure—Nokia is a client of mine.

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