I just bought two of these Groupons!

I can't tell you how many times when I go out in my killer heels and wish I had a pair of flats to wear on my way home - even if it is just a few steps from the bar to the taxi, then the taxi to my doorstep.

With today's Groupon in Providence (so not the NYC deal - go to Providence! It's an online deal.) you can get a pair of Rolleez from 3 Sekonds Inc.

"Take your pick from the menu of delicious Rolleez flavors, including pink (watermelon), black (licorice), gold (apple), and silver (fresh silver nitrate). Every order comes in a lovely gift box with a tote bag for your heels, a 180-day replacement warranty, and a supply of invisible hemming tape ideal for facilitating the easy switch between flats and your stiletto stompers. Rolleez come in small sizes (5-6) up to extra large (11-12), and all feature water- and skid-resistant soles, so whether you're a ballerina with petite feet or a scuba diver with built-in flippers, you'll be equipped to look good and move gracefully under or above the sea."

Click here to buy your Rolleez!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA I have these. Bought them at Pay/Half last week actually.

Theyre are an awesome concept. However I think the creator needs to work out a few of the details. They are incrdeibly difficult to roll bak up. I need to look for a youtube video or something on them. And they tend to remain rolled when worn, giving me "dwarf" toe and hurting the tips of my feet. But they did offer relief from my terror pumps, until I bought Pump Pouches, which I reccomend any working woman get in NYC. I got mine from jacks for 7.99 and they have transformed my "terror" pumos in to Air Max's lol.

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