Monday night Thrillist and Tasting Table kicked off one of their most brilliant ideas yet – Martini Week. When I emailed my friend Katherine to see if she’d join me for the evening over at Madam Geneva, she wrote back, “The martini gets it’s own week?! I’m in.”

When we arrived at Madam Geneva, ready for a martini (or five) we found ourselves behind a barricaded door. I quickly called Von from Socially Superlative and she told me that that I had to walk through the sister restaurant, Double Crown. It’s good to know people who know things.

Kristina Marino from The Downtown Diaries, Katherine Epstein from Citadel, Yvonne from Socially Superlative, & me.

At the event, no martini was off the table, but most guests sampled two of their signature drinks. First there was the Europa Martini, which is made with Bombay Sapphire Gin and tastes like the Cosmo’s butch sister. The other drink, which I enjoyed more, is the milky Green Angel Martini made with Grey Goose that contained little crumbles of pistachio. Delish.

Posing with the ladies

Martini Week actually runs for two-weeks, March 1 through March 14, at bars across Manhattan. Premium gin and premium vodka martinis, which I imagine could normally set you back up to $20 each, will be served for just $10 to those who whisper “Martini Week” into their bartenders ear from 5:30-8:30pm.

Martini time

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