The big question is - does the free coffee on Mondays from Dunkin' Donuts during March work in NYC, or not?

Since I forgot to test it last Monday, I dropped by the DD in Rockefeller Center with the promotional email printed, as back up. My friend Christa came along with me since she has an insatiable morning coffee addiction and was going there anyway.

DD Lady: What can I get you.
Me: Hi, I have I'd like to redeem the free Monday coffee deal. // I show her the printed email//
DD Lady: //confused look, spurts gibberish//
Me: Is it valid here?
DD Lady: //ignores me, finds a manager. he nonchalantly nods and waves her away//
Me: Hello?
DD Lady: Yes, you get coffee? Want deal? //points at 3.99 breakfast deal//
Me: No, just the free medium iced french vanilla coffee please, with skim and no sugar.

At this point, she takes my order and continues to talk to me about the promotion, but I have no idea what she's saying because of her broken English. Meanwhile, my friend orders her coffee and tries to use the "Monday Free Coffee" moniker as well, but they claim she needs a print out (which makes no sense, it does not say you need to print it to redeem.)

A moment later a hot coffee comes out, which is what Christa ordered and paid for. The woman I ordered from tells me it's mine, even though I ordered iced. The woman then says the coupon only counts for hot (um?) and that I should taste the coffee to see if it's mine, because Christa's had Splenda. I looked at her and said I was not going to burn my mouth on coffee straight from the sprocket to see if it had Splenda in it.

Then Christa's coffee came out, and we walked away. Mine was free, hers was not.

Moral is - it kind of works. Test at your own risk.

UPDATE: My coffee did have Splenda in it. Now lets say I tasted this coffee in front of them - would they have made both me and Christa a new coffee? Hm.

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Alan Danzis said...

At least you didn't have your breakfast sandwich stolen...

"Excuse me, sir... he took my sandwich!"

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