I stumbled across Yipit (your daily local deal finding email) sometime after they had stumbled across me. Since then, they have been a beautiful addition to my deal-searching soul, and have helped me uncover countless specials across the city that I may have never known. Poetic? Beautiful? Yes, and yes.

To help you celebrate America Saves Week, I want to share a new feature Yipit introduced a few weeks ago: Yipit Perch.

You all know (and should love) Groupon, but are you aware of the smaller competitors Groupon-envy has spawned? Since sometime mid-2009, sites like Scoop St, the Dealist, and Lifebooker Loot started popping up like weeds across cyberspace with deals just as good as Groupon. Mere barnacles on Groupon's back, Yipit decided to tilt the scale in the small guys' favor and start aggregating all the plentiful purchase sites into one feed, Yipit Perch, so you don't clog your inbox with the same (or irrelevant) shit from different dealers.

Only interested in beauty deals? Yipit Perch obeys and sends you only Spa Sally every Tuesday and whatever spa and salon deals other sites might feature. Obsessed with food? Restaurant and food deals it is. And yes -- you can check multiple categories.

Yipit Perch even leaps a step ahead of you and even recommends a special deal they think you'll love the most, since you'll probably check more than one category and there will likely be more than one deal of interest to you.

With some deals up to 80% off, I recommend signing up for Yipit Perch so you can start raking in the deals and saving some cash.

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Jessica said...

These sites really are great for us broke people trying to still live a fabulous life in the city. http://www.dailyflock.com is another new one similar to yipitperch

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