Feb 26, 2010

Amazon Filler Item Finder: Free Shipping Forever

Posted by nyc editor |

Guest blogger Alan Danzis on how to get free shipping from Amazon, when you're a few cents short...

I can’t tell you how often I buy something on Amazon for $24.99 and am one penny – no really a PENNY – away from free shipping. Of course, maybe that’s their goal: to get me to buy a $60 videogame so I get that elusive free shipping.

Well, my bud @richdemuro did me and humanity a solid when he posted a link today to a site called Amazon Filler Item Filler on Twitter today. Put in the amount of money you need to get to the magic number of $25, and it’ll spit out items you can buy.

So for me, looking for that extra penny, I could have bought:

A pencil sharpener for .25

A hex nut for .55

A book called The Lord’s Supper for .66

I will definitely be using this site in the future!

I personally would choose Emigrant Life In Kansas for .73 or the beautiful Inkology Cat Tales 2-Pocket Portfolio, Assorted Designs for .74.(1084128)(1000)

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Kris said...

Glad you liked my website :) Made filleritem.com about 6 years ago.

Alan Danzis said...

The site is awesome. Seriously, I'm going to use it going forward a LOT.

BTW, how did you spot this article so quickly?

nyc editor said...

damn, those google alerts you've got set up are like lightning! awesome website, thanks for creating it :)

Kris said...

Thanks guys! ricebird is correct I have google alerts set up for all my websites. I try to respond when I can

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