Thanks to Goldstar, some of the girls and I whipped out our plaid shirts (aka, hit up Strawberry in Union Square for a cheap plaid shirt) and hit the Professional Bull Riders event at Madison Square Garden!

[We got our own row, complete with a rack to hold our beers!]

All types of New Yorkers came out in full force western gear. Animal activists were outside screaming about bull rights. There was actual dirt on the floor of the Garden. A rodeo clown danced to Micheal Jackson. Children rode sheep at half time. More cowboys than I'd like to count almost got their skulls kicked in.

[None of us had hats, but some of us borrowed them for a pic or two!]

[Getting super close to the action - plus we convinced someone that yelled at us a few times to snap this pic.]

Believe it or not, I think this was my first time at the Garden. My only complaint (besides paying $9 a beer) was when I had to go downstairs to meet a friend and I was forced to take the stairs since all escalators were going up ;)

[This guy was missing at least 4 front teeth. #dentalfail]

[If you look closely, you can see the sheep held in the corner. Small children rode these sheep during half time. I'm not so sure no sheep or children were harmed.]



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