Jan 29, 2010

SWAG BAG: Free Ensure Shake and coupon

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My fondest memory of Ensure was visiting a good friend in the hospital and force feeding it to her since she couldn't eat solid food. She was also a "little" out of it and SHE made a video of her drugged up on her phone (which has since been banished and is not available on Youtube.)
Special Offer on Ensure® Shakes
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Getting your hands on one of the creamy, delightful flavors of Ensure is easy. Just answer a few quick questions to receive a coupon — one for a free Ensure 8-fl-oz shake or one for savings on the many flavors and varieties of Ensure six-packs.

(Only one submission per household. Applicable within the United States only.)
Click here for your free Ensure: http://ensure.com/free-ensure-sample
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