Jan 5, 2010

SWAG BAG: Free Candy Apple and Stevia samples

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It's been awhile since I've seen items worthy of Grab Bag status. Today I bring you TWO, which I found on My Dallas Mommy:

First, try out a free Ivan Mog gourmet apple! You get to pick your flavor (include cocoa, M&Ms and butter pecan! I selected butter pecan.)

Ivan Mog's Gourmet Caramel Apples have set the standard for gourmet apple treats, with our homemade kettle caramel, our use if all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, our jumbo firm and slightly tart granny smith apples, and a host of delicious toppings and flavors!

Second, sample Stevia in the Raw. Stevia is my sweetener of RECORD - it's an all natural 0-calorie sweetener extracted from the stevia plant. Until sometime last year, the USDA banned stevia from being marketed in the USA as a sweetener thanks to artificial sweetener lobbyists - you could only buy it in health stores as a "supplement." Something changed and now Stevia is mainstream (something to do with soft drink companies), and much CHEAPER (thank God). Forget sugar and forget Equal - get Stevia!

Stevia Extract in The Raw™ is the purest national brand stevia sweetener available. Only from the maker of Sugar In The Raw ®. SteviaExtract In The Raw™ just gives you the pure sweetening power of stevia. It's the all–natural, zero calorie sweetener that costs less and tastes great.


yodasmith said...

Um.. I've read that Stevia in the Raw is 95.8% table sugar. If this is true, how can it be "the purest national brand stevia sweetener available"? A pure stevia product would not have any form of sugar in it, let alone that much.

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