Until January 15, you can buy Half off Shecky's Girls Night Out tickets!

When I first moved to NYC in 2007 I attended Shecky's with some girlfriends - we got really drunk off their martinis, won yoga mats, and enjoyed Jane Iredale makeovers. These are fond memories I think you should also make.

Click here for pictures of me at Shecky's Hoboken Bash in August 2009!


Shecky’s is ringing in the New Year with BRAND NEW designers and delicious cocktails, plus new and improved Goodie Bags that'll top any gift you got for the holidays! And what better way to start your New Year than with a fabulous resolution?—To make more time for your friends!

Famous Goodie Bag tickets are now 50% off, but you only have until January 15th to take advantage of this deal, and then it’s done.

Consider it our way of helping you (really) stick to a resolution this year!

Shecky’s Goodie Bag + General Admission:
$30 in Advance, $15 until Jan. 15th
$40 at the Door

Date: Tue.-Fri., Mar. 9th-12th, 2010
Time: 5pm-10pm
Place: The Puck Building 293 Lafayette St. (@ Houston St.)

NOTE: *Rumour has it that the "goody bag" quality is in rapid decline, but if you ask me the martinis/drinks alone are worth $15.


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