Lots of tech-related networking event these days...

Whether you want to check your bank statement or how late your flight is, iPhone apps have cross-pollinated a number of brands. Many of your clients maybe considering them as another way to engage with consumers or indeed to make money.

If that’s the case, are you ready for the unpredictable world of app building? And, more importantly, is building an app even right for your brand?

This month our speakers will take you through the App market, the players in the field and other information you’ll need to get your app done. They’ll show you successful apps they’ve built and tell you all their secrets. Pretty good huh?

SPEAKERS:Jessica Berta & Shannon Heuer – Writer & Producer (respectively) - BigSpaceship

Barbara Rybka – Advisor - LimeLife.

Catherine Patterson – Head of Digital Production – McCann Erickson

Tuesday, 26th of January
Thornberg & Forester/Kimball Studio

Their offices are located on the 10th floor, 78 Fifth Avenue (between 13th and 14th St).

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