Looks like Frutober is still getting some pick up! Janice over at Gigabiting had this to say about me:

"This 20-something single* girl-about-town strives to maintain her Sex and the City lifestyle while budgeting a mere $75 for a month of dining. Her NYC Recession Diary entries are full of free parties, cheap drinks, and open bars, with a full $25 of her budget dedicated to bartender tips."

Good bartenders deserve their tips, dammit!

*I'd like to say Happy New Years, my dearest readers! I hope 2010 brings us closer than ever - but not too close. Against Gigabiting's belief, I am not single ;)


SARAHSPY said...

happy new year to you also! your blog has quickly become one of my favorites :)

ricebird said...

awww... sarahspy! i see you all over the internets and heart you too.

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