I've finally found discount tickets to Love, Loss and What I Wore!

This show came out early fall in '09 and I was all about it, but being budget-minded a $75 ticket (plus convincing a friend to buy a $75 ticket) is a burden I was unwilling to bear.

Thanks to Goldstar, one of my FAVORITE discount event sites, you can buy a $37.50 ticket with a $7.50 service fee, equating to a $45 ticket for the Jan 10, 7 pm show! The theater is small (my favorite off-Broadway bonus) so you'll be able to see everything - from their facial expressions to the sequins on their skirts.
Show Description:

Love, Loss and What I Wore is an intimate collection of stories by Nora and Delia Ephron, based on the bestselling book by Ilene Beckerman and supplemented by recollections from friends of the Ephrons. The show uses clothing and other accessories to trigger stories of poignant memories. The cast is a rotating selection of five all-star actors who perform for four weeks at a time.


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