Groupon - you really set the stage for collective buying power. Today I got an email from Lifebooker introducing me to Lifebooker Loot...and guess what service they're selling first?

Boyfriend for Hire!

Hey now, tickle me senseless.

So in case you missed it first time around, round back and purchase your new handy dandy 2-hour boyfriend for $75, normally $200 (sexual services will have to be negotiated platonically).

From Lifebooker Loot's email:

Ladies (and Gentlemen), we bring you ... Boyfriend for Hire at 63% off! That means you can get certificates for 2 hours of handyman work for only $75 (normally $200).This team of bonded and insured technicians has over 150 years of combined professional experience. Find a single guy in NYC that can say that! These skilled workmen are ready to assemble, paint, fix, hang, grout, tile, saw, sand, repair and remodel everything you've been wanting to do (and everything your landlord has been neglecting to take care of).

Exclusively on Lifebooker Loot, you can purchase up to 6 certificates, and use up to 4 in one visit! Call on your brawny beaux for a quick fix whenever needed, or have him work a full day and get that big job done. With this deal you can get an 8 hour day of skilled labor for $300!

P.S. Can someone please purchase this service and tell me if the "boyfriends" are as hot as we hope they are?!

P.P.S. Hey Boyfriend for Hire - how about you send someone over free of charge? I'll let the world know.


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