Jersey Shore parties are now all the rage!

(How come I have never seen an episode of this godd-forsaken show, yet I know everything about it plus one of my best friends is hosting a house party of the same theme next week?!)

Regardless, thank you SIDEbar, who brought us a Barbie pageant months ago, for continuing this Jersey Shore Extravaganza hosted by...the Situation.

Other Details:
--Jan 28
--“Poof, fist pump, fake tan, 6 pack, blow out” perfection encouraged.
--Winner gets $500 cash prize
--If you participate in the pageant you drink free
--A Jersey ID gets you free drinks from 7-8

Need some tactics to win? Brittany over at ChiChi212 tells you how: Want To Win $500 At The Jersey Shore Pageant? I Can Help!

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