That wonderful blog The Consumerist is hosting a meetup next week! (Mucho thanks to a co-worker for the nonchalant heads up.) FREE BEER. And food.

Consumerist NYC Meetup: 1/21 5-7pm Dylan Murphy's

Yo gang it's time for another Consumerist meetup with free beer!
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010
Time: 5-7 p.m.
Place: Dylan Murphy’s - 1453 3rd Avenue (between 83rd and 84th), NYC

We're hooking up with our friend Bob Sullivan of MSNBC's Red Tape Chronicles to do a panel discussion on what's really bringing down the American consumer: poor math skills. Joining us will be BillShrink CEO Peter Phram and Loyola professor Joseph Ganem.

As always, free Consumerist tshirts will be in effect, along with our new anti gift cards and maybe some other things we concoct.

I am sorry that once again we are dissing the rest of the country by continuing to have meetups in the same town where we live. However, we are partially making up for this by making Bob bring snacks. (Last time there were no snacks and multiple parties informed us this was not appropriate).

To get there via subway: 456 to 86th.

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